On My Mind and Heart: The Things We Worry About

I’m continually surprised at some of the things that we let upset us:

Little things.

Things from the past that we can’t change.

Things that other people say or do that have nothing to do with us.

Things we can’t control.

I’m no stranger when it comes to allowing some of the stuff listed above to distract my focus during the day (and keep me awake at night). And I know you’re no stranger to this worry either. But we shouldn’t be.  There are more important things on which to spend our time and energy. 

Rather than worry about who said what to whom about whomever, let’s spend our energy encouraging one another with a surprise card, post or text.

Rather than spinning our wheels trying to figure out what someone’s vague FB rant means and whether they are talking about us, how about we spend our time praying for them.

Let’s spend some time making lists of all the good things in our lives, our marriages, our cities, our schools and our churches rather than list everything that might be wrong.

Now, I’m not suggesting that we ignore real relationship issues, nor do I believe that there isn’t room for improvement in our relationships and institutions. But it seems to me our mindset is backwards.  Too often, we look for the bad before the good. Too quickly, we assume the worst instead of the best. Too many times, we focus on the little things of the past rather than the big things of the future.

At the top of this post is a picture of a button we hand out at our church. It says, “These Are My Church Clothes.” We hand them out to everybody. Anyone can wear them anytime. Why? Because we aren’t concerned about what people wear to church.  That’s a little thing. We care about whether they feel welcome at church.  That’s a big thing!

I suggest we stop worrying and start focusing.  I know if I choose to do that, my days will be a lot better. And my nights will be too!

New Year’s Challenge – #LearnContentment – #’s 6-10


New Year’s Challenge for 2015: Tweeted with the #LearnContentment

Challenge #6 – “Spend your mental energy looking forward instead of dwelling on the past”

Challenge #7 – “Each day give your spouse and kids 5 compliments each & refrain from complaining about them”

Challenge #8 – “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without”

Challenge #9 – “Ensure that your attitude dictates your circumstances rather than the other way around”

Challenge #10 – “Give thanks if you have clean water to drink, food to eat & a roof over your head. Many don’t.”

New Year’s Challenge – #LearnContentment – #’s 1-5


New Year’s Challenge for 2015:  Tweeted with the #LearnContentment

Challenge #1 – “Read at least 1 new book per month”

Challenge #2 – “Forgive someone against whom you are holding a grudge”

Challenge #3 – “At least one entire day a week don’t turn on the TV.  Read or walk or both”

Challenge #4 – “Every Monday make a written list of 7 things for which you are thankful. Read it every day”

Challenge #5 – “Tithe 10%, Save 10% and Live off the rest of your income”

Men Are Easily Distracted

One of the favorite posts from my blog this past year.

Buddy Howard


This is the third article in my series on spiritual disciplines titled “Why Men Need Discipline.”  Today’s article is called “Men Are Easily Distracted” and begins our discussion of the obstacles men face in engaging in spiritual disciplines routinely, over time, in an ever-increasing measure.

The first article, “What is Discipline?” defined “discipline” as a means of God training us versus God punishing us.  The second article, What is a Spiritual Discipline, Anyway? provided some examples of spiritual disciplines.

Men Need Discipline Because We Are Easily Distracted

Are you still reading this blog?  Great!  You passed the first barrier!

It surprises me that I am such a poor driver.  Fortunately, I haven’t had a serious accident or caused any severe damage to my car or the cars around me.  But, the truth is that while I am driving, especially when there is not a lot of traffic…

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Guest Post: AdventureKids Program takes new direction


Dear Parents,

Adventure Church is  very honored to have this opportunity to teach your children.  We know how important your child’s spiritual growth is.  One of our goals for Adventure Kids is for the students to enter into a relationship with Jesus and continue to deepen their faith in Him.  We know God wants to have a special relationship with your child, and we are putting a few changes in place to help each student grow.

Beginning August 18th, Adventure Kids will have two hours of programming.  During first hour we have a team devoted to making the most of this time with a live Bible story, worship and small group time.  During small group, the focus will be on reinforcing the story, memorizing Scripture, and serving others in order to internalize the week’s message.  Each month students will have the opportunity to put into action what they are learning by completing service projects that connect to the monthly virtue.  For example:  in August the virtue is “Obedience.”  The students will be making blankets for patients at Children’s Hospitals in order to obediently care for the sick.

During second hour, the older students (ages 4 and up) will move to the sanctuary to watch a video about the week’s message, and then will have high-energy programming.  They will be able to build friendships with each other while playing games.  The younger students will have  structured playtime in the classroom and on the boat.

Three key leaders will be joining the Adventure Kids team to help us accomplish these goals.  Sydney Ansell will serve as the Special Needs Coordinator (“Adventure Angels”).  She will be leading the Special Needs workers to make sure the teachers are familiar with necessary modifications and the students feel comfortable participating in the program.

Stephanie Brooks will serve as the Service Coordinator and will be leading the service project each month that connects to the virtue.  Each project will be sent out to different communities to minister to others.  There will be a world map in the Roots lounge for the students and parents to see all the regions blessed by our students’ service.

Sheri Hammonds will serve as the Spiritual Growth Coordinator.  Sheri will be partnering with us to lead the students to take the “next steps” in their relationship with Christ.  She will be coordinating the Baptism classes, communion, offering and a 5th grade team to serve as ushers during worship.  In addition to all of this, Sheri will also be developing ways for parents and students to connect at home over the lessons.

As we move forward, communication from Adventure Kids will look a little different.  You will receive a monthly newsletter, which includes the memory verse, virtue, and Bible stories with the Bottom Line message for each week.  As we partner together in encouraging our students spiritual growth, this will be a great way for you to reinforce the memory verse and bottom line message on the car ride home.  Adventure Kids will be using Facebook and Twitter weekly.  There will be opportunities for the whole family to participate in activities at home that connect to the monthly virtue.

Hopefully, you are as excited about the new program as we are.  In order to accomplish all this, some new policies will be put into place.  Please read the following information so that we can all work together.  Thank you, again, for the opportunity to be involved with your children!

In Christ,

Kelly McAllister

Adventure Kids Director

Adventure Kids Policies:

  1. Parents must sign in all students.  Drop off begins at 9:45.  Each student must wear the Child ID name tag, and the parents need to fill out appropriate information.  Once checked in students must go directly to the classroom.
  2. Parents must pick up their students no later than 11:10 (if student is 1st hour of programming only), and 12:00 for those attending both hours.  Students do not need to be picked up if staying for both hours.
  3. The students not attending 2nd hour will be placed in room 106 for pick up.
  4. Students staying for 2nd hour will transition to the sanctuary at 11:15.  Students will not be available for pick up during this process.  Once the students are situated in the sanctuary, the students will be able to be picked up through the check out table.
  5. Students will not be allowed to participate in communion without a parent’s signature.
  6. Aggressive Behavior Policy:

-In the event a child bites or is showing signs of aggressive behavior then a childcare worker will notify the parents. The parent will need to remove their child from the classroom immediately. If a child repeatedly demonstrates the above mentioned behavior then the parent needs to stay in the classroom with the child until both the Director and parent agree the child has outgrown their aggressive behavior.

Seeds Policies:

  1. Students must be taken to the bathroom before being checked in.  During Seeds programming, students must be taken to the bathroom by an adult.
  2. Seeds bathrooms are for students only.  All bathroom doors must be left open.