On My Mind and Heart: 3 Things to Always Avoid


Last week I shared some things I try to do every day to help me have a better day.  This week I’m sharing 3 things I try to avoid. These are all things you can control …

Avoid Bad Company

Who you hang around with has a huge impact on you!  More than you realize, probably.  When we are around complainers, whiners, gossips, and people who are just generally “blah” and have an icky attitude about life, it is going to affect us.  It impacts how we see things.  It influences our speech.  It sucks our energy.  I often refer to the choice to gravitate toward complainers and whiners as “wallowing with the pigs.”  And, when you wallow with pigs you always get dirty.  So, instead of choosing Bad Company, choose to spend time with those with positive things to say and helpful outlooks on life.  It will make a difference.

Avoid Bad Media

What goes into your brain through your eyes and ears can’t be removed.  When we watch raunchy shows or listen to bad music or read racy novels or look at promiscuous pictures, it is like eating garbage.  It’s not healthy.  And, what you take in, at least in part, makes you who you are and will impact what comes out.  Don’t get sidetracked by the mistaken belief that media doesn’t affect you, your thoughts, your focus, your desires, your beliefs and even your reality.  Instead, fill your mind with good things — things that challenge, things that cause you to think, things that move you closer to God, things that help you learn, things that make you laugh, and things that honor your relationships with people and with God.

Avoid Bad Thoughts

This might seem like the hardest of my suggestions because in some ways we feel like we can’t control what “pops into our heads.”  But, the truth is you can.  You can train yourself not to dwell on evil thoughts, on worrisome things, and on vengeful plans.  You can redirect your thoughts from disillusionment to hope, and from despair to joy.  It takes practice to “take your thoughts captive” but you can do it!  Every time a bad thought comes into your mind, immediately start thinking about something that makes you happy — a memory, a future plan and funny story.  With time, you will be the master of your thoughts.

What are some other things that you avoid to help you have a better day?

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