New Year’s Challenge – #LearnContentment – #’s 1-5


New Year’s Challenge for 2015:  Tweeted with the #LearnContentment

Challenge #1 – “Read at least 1 new book per month”

Challenge #2 – “Forgive someone against whom you are holding a grudge”

Challenge #3 – “At least one entire day a week don’t turn on the TV.  Read or walk or both”

Challenge #4 – “Every Monday make a written list of 7 things for which you are thankful. Read it every day”

Challenge #5 – “Tithe 10%, Save 10% and Live off the rest of your income”

2 responses to “New Year’s Challenge – #LearnContentment – #’s 1-5

  1. Challenge 3 has been a problem for me. I keep walking into things. Cars honk at me and tell me to put the book down.

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